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Strawberry Shortcake

Prep Time: 20 mins
Cook Time: 60 mins
Total Time: 80 mins
Strawberry shortcake, soft spongy cake paired with fluffy cream and ripe strawberries. Is undoubtedly the quintessential summer dessert. Serve chilled with some hot tea, to help balance the sweetness of the dessert and refresh the palate.


  • 6 inch baking pan
  • Parchment paper
  • Hand mixer
  • Silicone spatula
  • Large mixing bowl
  • Piping bag
  • Cake offset spatula
  • Rotating cake stand
  • Scale



  • 3 eggs (separate egg yolk from egg white)
  • 78 g granulated sugar
  • 75 g cake flour
  • 1/8 tsp baking powder
  • 7 g sp cake emulsifier (Do not leave this ingredient out) 
  • 20 g milk
  • 20 g evaporated milk
  • 60 g salted butter melted
  • 1/2 tsp vanilla extract


  • 250 ml heavy cream
  • 20 g mascarpone
  • 35 g confectioner sugar
  • 1/2 tsp kirsch optional


  • 50 ml water
  • 25 g granulated sugar
  • 1/2 tsp kirsch


  • 3 tbsp apricot jam
  • 2 tbsp water



  1. Pre-heat the oven to 305°F (151°C). Grease and line 6-inch round cake pans.
  2. In a large mixing bowl, add your egg whites – with a hand mixer on medium speed, beat for 20 seconds.
  3. Add SP cake emulsifier to mix – using a whisk, beat the egg white and emulsifier together until the emulsifier has completely dissolve.
  4. With hand mixer on medium speed, continue to whip for 2 minutes, until smooth, then add in half your granulated sugar.
  5. With hand mixer whip until mixture has a thick voluminous consistency, then add the remaining granulated sugar.
  6. Continue to beat with hand mixer until stiff peaks are visible, then add your egg yolk.
  7. Using a whisk, slowly fold the egg yolk into the egg whites until combined.
  8. Using a sifter, sift in cake flour and baking powder. Using a spatula, fold gently until all combined.
  9. Add in melted salted  butter, milk, evaporated milk and vanilla extract. Using a spatula fold gently until combine.
  10. Line your 6 inch baking pan with parchment paper, and slowly pour in your cake batter.
  11. Bake at 305°F (151°C) for 40-45 minutes. After removing the cake from the oven, allow it to cool for 10 minutes before removing from the pan – let cool completely before


  1. In a large mixing bowl add heavy cream, mascarpone, kirsch and confectioner sugar.
  2. With a hand mixer on medium speed, beat until soft peak forms. Be careful to not over beat the heavy cream.


  1. In a medium saucepan, combine the granulated sugar, kirsch, and water. Place the pan over medium-high heat and stir the mixture until the granulated sugar has dissolved completely.
  2. Once the granulated sugar has dissolved, reduce the heat to low and let the mixture simmer for 5-10 minutes, stirring occasionally.
  3. Remove the pan from the heat and let the simple syrup cool completely before transferring it to a clean container.


  1. Cut cake in half, set upper half of cake aside. Lightly brush cake with syrup. Use a piping bag to add cream to the cake, then spread evenly with a cake spatula.
  2. Add a layer of jam or strawberry syrup, spread evenly.
  3. Arrange fresh sliced strawberries evenly, and then place top half of cake on top.
  4. Add the remaining frosting, use a cake spatula to smooth cream out evenly.
  5. Clean and smooth edges of your cake using a cake spatula, and then decorate with fresh whole strawberries.
  6. Brush your strawberries with apricot syrup for an extra glossy shine.
  7. Place cake in the refrigerator to cool for 2 hours before cutting, enjoy!

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